Dejoy’s Actions Must Be Investigated

To the editor:

Nationwide, our US Postal Service mailboxes are protected from destruction and misuse under federal law. This protection evolves from the understood necessity of the flow of information and now goods through our national postal system – a system which our founders identified as essential to a geographically broad populace.

In the past weeks, Postmaster General Louis Dejoy has been removing functional sorting machines in postal facilities in states with key electoral college seats, like Michigan. He has ordered the removal of post boxes from certain cities. This is federal property owned by taxpayers and, more importantly, it is a system our founders recognized as essential to democracy. Dejoy’s actions are tantamount to taking a very long road trip with a very large bat to do in a system that is more essential than ever. They must be investigated, particularly in light of    the fact that his party is dedicating millions of dollars to undermine and suppress the vote in key regions of our country while the highest office holder of that party campaigns against vote by mail, even as he and his family use it to cast their votes.

During a pandemic with an election imminent there are good reasons for destroying a system upon which people rely, but those good reasons do not serve the majority of us well. They seemingly have to do with Dejoy’s and Trump’s investments and their political preferences, and their determination to remain in and consolidate power at any cost. Please encourage everyone you know who cares about the integrity of our federal postal system to contact the US Postal Service Board of Governors, letting them know you expect them to uphold the institution in their hands. And call your members of Congress to investigate this postal matter, as well as the undermining of people’s right to vote. The time to act is now. Spread the word.

Postal Board of Governors: Robert Duncan (, John Barger (; Ron Bloom (, Roman Martinez (, Donald Moak (, and Wiliam Zollers (

The Congressional switchboard number is (202) 224-3121.

Anne Molleur Hanson