Local ER Nurse Wins Care Center Canoe

by Penelope Doherty
courtesy photo
Greg McLelland was the winner of the handcrafted canoe raffle that benefitted the Craftsbury Community Care Center.

CRAFTSBURY – A frontline healthcare worker and boat enthusiast from Lake Elmore won the handcrafted canoe raffled Saturday, Aug. 8, by the Craftsbury Community Care Center. Greg McLelland of Lake Elmore, an emergency room nurse at Copley Hospital, bought one ticket through a colleague. Phil Pike, maker of the sought-after canoes, drew winning ticket #155 at the Craftsbury Farmer’s Market.   

“I was so excited when I heard,” McLelland said. “I can’t wait to try this out!” McLelland and his father attended a workshop last year in Maine for making wooden boats and subsequently built a wooden kayak.

Craftsbury Community Care Center is a non-profit model committed to providing a supported living environment for elders in all socioeconomic sectors. Its usual fundraisers, March’s Sugar on Snow and July’s Cookout and Auction, were both canceled due to COVID-19. This is the Care Center’s first try at a raffle, which raised nearly $10,000 to help make up the loss.

The raffle’s success means the Care Center can continue with its plans to replace declining kitchen equipment, install a new walking path for residents off the vehicle drive, and adapt and enhance activities to support residents during the pandemic.