On Deaf Ears

by Charles Wilson

LYNDON – After listening to many people, why are our state legislators back in session at taxpayer expense, passing more questionable bills and in fact raising taxes, and ignoring our Constitution and the will of the people?

Why are we still in a State of Emergency? By the way, do you know when there will be a great healing of COVID-19? Right after the November general election.

Why does the Vermont government openly speak against President Donald Trump? The voters will decide. Remember we the people??

WCAX News is very biased with a social Democratic voice. Vermont Digger and Seven Days news, both have shut down popular comment pages claiming racism. The real reason is that biased social Democrats are actually against free speech for all. Vermont is not a racist state.

Police departments need our support and should not be defunded or have oversight committees, and if they break the law they will and should be prosecuted.

Vermont continues to be under a very questionable State of Emergency. This is setting up a “new normal” that tells us what to do, when to do it, how to do it and what to think. We are going to be forced to pay a lot of increased taxes and now this has truly become taxation without representation, which only makes for heavy burdens on the people our legislators are supposed to serve.

I would ask for your vote for the Vermont Senate in Caledonia District to serve the people of the District and work to repair the damage caused by the shutting down of the State for over five months now, and to help lessen taxes and regulations on our people, small businesses, farmers and dairy farmers.

Our public schools must prove through test scores that they are attaining a much higher standard of learning and to admit that “No Child Left Behind” has not and is not working for our kids.

We must reduce massive government regulations and departments and restore the Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness through hard work.

Secretary of State Condos’ mail-in voting confuses many. Absentee and in-person voting is fine as has been used for many years, but blanket ballot mailings are already a major problem with the potential for fraud.

I rebuke the 85% liberal, progressive news media which only presents one side and is often against State and Federal Constitutions and the free speech of all people. Vermont is not a ”Brave Little State”!

We should be ashamed of our “Prop 5” for late-term abortion, as a travesty to human life!

Vermont is small and easy to manipulate, just like Marx did to create confusion, and to tell people they have to react and then take over a whole state, even an entire nation.

Where have our state legislators taken us? Physician-assisted suicide, ruined businesses… not even mentioned, too much tax burden on hard working people, public school expenditures — the second highest in the nation and our children are not attaining basic standards of reading, writing and math.

Pensions for state employees are an unfunded, massive debt.

The “Global Warming Solutions Act (H. 688) will not help anyone in Vermont at this time of great need, and is a huge, distorted lie. Our farmers and dairy folks need our absolute support … don’t just blame the cows for methane!

Non-citizen voting is unconstitutional as is mandated health insurance, forced public school mergers, gun control – all unconstitutional. Defund our necessary police force? Oversight is not needed.

Protester’s right to write their slogans on streets and bridges while others can’t. Again, claiming Vermont is racist with no proof which therefore is false reporting.

Mandatory “Paid Family Leave” and “Increased Minimum Wage” will take down many small businesses. Double tax on home heating fuels, … this is not responsible legislation. Who in their right mind would think Vermont businesses or Vermont’s people have the money to pay for all this? No more taxes! We must lower the cost and size of state government!

I hope conservative Republicans unite with responsible, common, Godly constitutional sense and take Vermont back to a simple, peaceful, hard-working place of integrity and get rid of divisive government control. I ask that you vote on November 3, and I would ask you to vote for me. Vote out Democratic socialism and big government that has divided our state and our nation.

[Mr. Wilson is a candidate for State Senate – Caledonia District.]