Walden Roads Readied for Winter

WALDEN – The Walden Select Board met at the town office on August 31.

Board member Randolph Wilson reported that the sand stockpile was done, guardrails will be installed on Orton Road to finish the culvert repair this week. He said the road crew has rented an excavator for four weeks and will be ditching on Noyestar Road and Bricketts Crossing as well as some culvert repair on Coles Pond Road and Greaves Watson Road.

Randolph also discussed the uncertainty of state funding availability next year for projects going forward in light of the pandemic.

After some discussion, Brenda Huntoon made the motion to purchase security cameras for the exterior of the firehouse and town clerk’s office. The motion was voted on and approved by the board.

Huntoon reported that she received a request from a resident on Summerhill Road to put up no ATV signs. After discussion the board decided to put two signs up: one on the Class 4 entrance to town on Coles Pond Road and one on the Hardwick entrance of the rail trail. The signs will read “No ATVs on Walden Roads.”

Huntoon made the motion, seconded by Wilson to go into executive session to discuss possible civil litigation. The listers and town clerk were included in this session.

The next Walden Select Board meeting will be held on September 14 beginning at 6:30 p.m. The budgeting process for fiscal year 2022 will begin at this meeting.