Interested in Representation by an Effective Person

To the editor:

Most of the five people running to represent Albany, Barton, Craftsbury, Glover, Greensboro, Sheffield, and Wheelock in the Vermont House are nice people. While I am generally in favor of being represented by a nice person, I am more interested in being represented by an effective person; one who works to promote the interests of my community, who has the experience navigating logistical and bureaucratic challenges to make a positive difference for us, and who can be counted to be there for us.

Katherine Sims uniquely meets these qualifications. I won’t restate her many accomplishments working for the betterment of opportunities in the Northeast Kingdom – others have done so in previous letters, and you can review them at I will simply say that, having observed her work building community, creating jobs, and connecting the components of our rural economy, I believe that the single most important vote you can cast in this election to support the economic wellbeing of our towns is for Katherine. And she’s a nice person to boot.

Tim Fritz