The Affair is Finally Over

To the editor:

The affair is finally over and you’ve came back home where you belong. You were neglected, unloved and wanted attention and turned red with anger. The attraction to someone who doesn’t follow the rules and is a little roguish was strong. You went and moved in and were happy for a time with the volatility of the relationship. When did it to dawn on you that your new partner was as stable as a squirrel on crack? Was it when the wall went up to keep the neighbors out? Was it the constant golfing and leaving you alone? How about when sickness came into the house and you were told it was nothing and it would just disappear? Or when degenerates were called fine people? Could it be the constant lying? Whatever the reason, it’s fitting you left this abusive relationship during one of the golf rounds. We welcome you back home Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Anthony Aiossa