East Hardwick Village Library Readied for Winter

photos by Gary Michaels / story by Doug McClure
East Hardwick has taken steps to preserve the village library for the winter in hopes that funding and permits can be obtained in the spring. Instead of simply boarding up the windows, artists decorated the panels.

EAST HARDWICK – Restoring and repurposing the East Hardwick Village Library has been a key objective for the East Hardwick Neighborhood Organization (EHNO) since the organization was formed in Fall 2018.

The building requires major work before it can be used. “Boarding up the windows for the winter is another step in preserving the building until we have funding and permits to proceed with the renovation,” said EHNO chair Cheryl Michaels. Six residents painted panels to cover the windows, which were installed by Dave Gross, David O’Brien, and Gary Michaels. After viewing the decorative panels, locals reached out to the EHNO with their reactions to the project.

Dave Gross is pictured on the ladder and David O’Brien on the ground.

Deborah Hartt said “Wow! The windows are just such a lovely visual for this sweet little building. Thank you for making this happen. Well done all of you!”

Nancy Notterman said, “They are terrific and delightful. Thank you, folks, for your creative and hard work. A group like this is something to be really thankful for, aside from the fact that we live in a special place.”

Residents Helen Beattie and Brendan Buckley said that “The windows are adorable and add cheer to the village, especially needed this time of year!”

The panel artists were Ceilidh Galloway-Kane (Bookcase), Gail O’Brien (folk art with cat, vase and books), Patti LeBlanc (Sunflowers), Pam Luther (Maple Tree), Cheryl Michaels (Winnie the Pooh), and Phil Robertson (night window with candle).