Road Crew Seeks Agreement for Aid for Member Illness

WALDEN – The Walden Select Board met at the town office on December 7.

Present were Brenda Huntoon and Randolph Wilson in person and Roger Fox, Lina Smith and Liz Wilkel via Zoom.

Road Foreman Robert Bell and Randolph Wilson attended a meeting in the Cabot garage. The meeting was to connect surrounding towns into a mutual aid agreement (currently verbal) in case of crew member illness. Although initiated by the current emergency, several towns would like it to possibly become the new normal.

Town Meeting was discussed without any final decisions. Research into pending Australian Ballot emergency rules will continue. Petitioned articles must be received by January 14. After discussion, the board voted to accept candidate petitions without signatures for this year only. Candidate petitions are due January 25. Those interested should contact the town clerk’s office.

The FY22 budget development continued, with several line item adjustments.

The next Walden Select Board meeting will be held on December 21, at 6:30 p.m.