Virtual Town Party Coming Dec. 22

by June Pichel Cook

CRAFTSBURY – Homo sapiens is a social creature, and the isolation imposed by COVID-19 has taken its toll, creating an increasing longing for social interaction. How to have that interaction, yet keeping safe, presents a dilemma.

Craftsbury resident Carey Crozier found a solution – a virtual town party.

She’s calling it “20 Questions: A Virtual Town Party,” and it’s happening Tuesday, December 22, from 7 to 8 p.m. All are welcome: all ages, genders, backgrounds, lifestyles … family, friends, and neighbors. The party is open to the entire community and area of Glover, Albany, Wolcott, Hardwick, and Greensboro. 

“I just wanted to do something kind for our community this holiday season,” Crozier said in an e-mail.

The virtual town party alternative may be different from social gatherings the town has enjoyed in the past, such as the Antiques & Uniques Festival, Town Block Party, or Old Home Day. These traditions, long revered and enjoyed by townspeople and area residents, were all suspended because of the pandemic. Even the traditional town meeting will be taking on a new virtual format.

In a press release, Crozier said she has been missing connections with her neighbors and knows others feel the same. She is hoping that connection with the community this holiday season will be happening on-line.

The event will be structured like speed dating, Crozier said, but without the dating part. She stressed that it is organized in a similar way.

“Every two minutes, party-goers will be randomly paired with one of their neighbors to share their answers to questions like “What are some things about you that people wouldn’t guess just by looking at you?” or “What are you looking forward to most when the pandemic is over?”

“It will be 20 bite-sized conversations, each between two people and each a mere two minutes long,” she said. “Each mini-conversation will be based on a prompt that I’ll provide – nothing embarrassing, just ideas to get people sharing and smiling.”

Crozier said the event can accommodate hundreds of guests and she hopes it “will remind us that there’s still joy and comfort to be found in community, even though we can’t quite commune.”

Unlike the average Zoom meeting, Crozier promises, “this one-hour virtual party will be a good time, full of laughs and genuine connection.”

For every guest who attends, she will be donating a canned good to a food pantry in the Northeast Kingdom. Participants are welcomed to do the same. Crozier has lived in the NEK since 2012 and moved to Craftsbury in April. She is a freelance graphic and web designer and serves as communications director for the Northeast Kingdom Collaborative.

“I value social connection a lot and this is just my way to facilitating some of that connection for those of us who really crave it and are struggling without it.”

To join the party, simply RSVP at to get the Zoom link.

Sign on December 22, at 7 p.m. to join the fun and community connection.