A Nomination for Person(s) of the Year

To the editor:

I have never written a letter in support of a person or organization before but recently I have had an experience which is worth mentioning. During a difficult time in my life, it was recommended for me to get a pet for companionship.  Unfortunately, I knew getting a pet was going to incur costs of getting the pet shots and getting a pet fixed, which my budget could not support. I was informed of an organization known as The Floyd Fleaflicker Fund. The Floyd Fleaflicker fund is a private fund set up to help spay/neuter local cats. People who are interested are asked to apply for VSNIP and the Floyd Fleaflicker fund will pick up 100% of the copays. I contacted Clint and Theresa Howard, the organizers of Floyd Fleaflicker, who advised me the organization would be willing to help. I ended up getting a kitten and Floyd Fleaflicker fund made it possible for me to make sure the kitten was taken care of medically. The companionship the kitten provides me is priceless.

The cat who started The Floyd Fleaflicker fund was Floyd Aloysius Fleaflicker. He was born June 14, 2006 in Hyde Park, the son of Tiffany Fleaflicker. He was one of five children born to a stray single mother. As he got older, he decided that he wanted to help other cats. He lent his name to start a local fund to help spay and neuter poor cats and the Floyd Fleaflicker Fix Em Fund was born in 2013. He tirelessly worked to help any cat he could, raising over $26,000 and “fixing” over 250 cats through his fundraiser. He also provided hundreds and hundreds of pounds of food to help feed his friends in need.

Floyd Aloysius Fleaflicker died at home in the arms of his parents Clint and Theresa Howard on August 21, 2020. The Floyd Fleaflicker fund will continue in honor of Floyd Aloysius Fleaflicker.

The Floyd Fleaflicker Fund and its organizers do a great deal for pet owners and the environment and I would like to nominate Clint and Theresa Howard to be the Hardwick Gazette Citizens of the Year for their continued efforts to help improve lives and improve the environment. We need more people in the world who care as much as they do. 

Carol Ruth Schump