Town Positions Open for 2021, Cornish to Step Aside

by Doug McClure

HARDWICK – For Town Meeting 2021 multiple town positions will open up for re-election or new candidates. Three of the five select board member positions are open, one a three-year term and two one-year terms.

Shari Cornish

According to Town Manager Shaun Fielder, the three-year position is at present occupied by Vice Chair Elizabeth Dow and the one-year seats by Lucian Avery and Shari Cornish. He said that as of this time he had received no indication personally as to whether those board members plan to re-run for election. Dow said via e-mail that she plans to run again. Cornish said in an e-mail “I am planning to take a break from running for Select Board. So the one-year seat that I am in will be open to someone else to take a turn.”

According to Orleans Southwest Supervisory Union (OSSU) Superintendent Adam Rosenberg, one Hardwick three-year position is open on the Hazen Union School board. A Greensboro position is also open for a three-year term.

Rosenberg said that the Orleans Southwest Union Elementary School District will have one Woodbury and one Greensboro seat open for an initial two-year term, as well as a Stannard seat for a one-year term, though Rosenberg noted that “I think according to the articles Stannard loses this member and they go to one seat in 2021.”