There Was a Good Deal of Opinion

To the editor:

The recent articles in the Gazette about the proposed AT&T cell tower were a bit of a letdown and, I felt, mischaracterized the situation and citizens involved. Frankly, it feels like there was a good deal of opinion in there, and it is creating some undeserved resentment around town, which is to be mourned. There is no space here and now to elaborate in every detail, but, and I’m sorry to say it, you can probably learn more accurately about what has been happening by reading Front Porch Forum.

I’m sorry to say this, as I have been a loyal supporter and advertiser with the Gazette for decades, and yes, it is tough times for newspapers, but the reporting is becoming, well, let’s just call it thin. Hopefully the editor will do some thorough follow-up articles, and to interview more people, and include some proper balance and accuracy.

To sum up the situation, the issue has revolved around the siting of this particular tower, and how it conflicted with the town bylaws, and the haphazard process between the town and the corporation. It is not against all technology, and it most certainly is not personal against the landowner. And by the way, according to their own maps, a tower at this site would have expanded cell service just a whisker around town. To serve underserved areas, towers need to be built actually in those underserved areas along the back roads, and, forgive me if I am wrong, but that may not be downtown Hardwick. May we look forward to some clarifying articles in the future? Thank you for your time.

Rachel Kane
East Hardwick