Clarifying Australian Ballot Process

To the editor:

Due to Covid-19, many towns have opted to do all of town meeting by Australian ballot. While many people are upset that town meeting is not happening this year, it is NOT because of Australian ballot.

The Australian Ballot is the election process of the United States today; it is how we hold our general election. In future years, if we choose to elect town officials by Australian ballot, it will not prohibit discussions or voting on other issues at town meeting, e.g., the town budget and appropriations. The Australian ballot for elected officials does allow registered voters time to make informed decisions on who they want to represent them in their community for the duration of their term. The Australian ballot does allow all registered voters an opportunity to vote for their town representatives, not just those who are able to attend town meeting.

The Australian Ballot is the only way for all registered voters to have their voice count in future town official elections by offering a window of time to vote at the polls or to request an absentee ballot. For those of us who are unable to attend town meeting, we should at least have the right to vote for our representation. This is the Democratic way.

Vote “yes” to elect your town officials by Australian ballot (in Greensboro, vote “yes” for Article 3).

Elizabeth Stabler