BLM Flag Raising on Feb. 19

PLAINFIELD – Twinfield Union School students will raise the Black Lives Matter flag on Friday, Feb. 19., from 11:30 a.m. to noon, at the school.

Over the past six months, members of the Twinfield Student Voice Group have been leading an effort to raise the Black Lives Matter flag at the school. This endeavor has been aimed at creating a space that is supportive of all students and sparks conversations around race and racism in the community.

It is the beginning of a plan to educate students and discuss with them how the school and towns can make strides towards racial justice and equity. With the raising of this flag, the students hope to reiterate their commitment to creating a space where students feel safe and show our support for the basic human rights for all people.

To bring the effort to the school board, students organized and facilitated discussions with their peers, faculty, and community members. These presentations were able to answer the many questions about race and racism, and dispel the many misconceptions about the Black Lives Matter movement. Through these conversations, the student group was able to hear from students about their opinion on the raising of the flag, see how they viewed these issues in the state and the school, and gather enough information to show the student body’s overwhelming support of the effort.

After months of preparation, a motion to raise the Black Lives Matter flag was brought to the school board and passed unanimously on February 9. The flag will be raised alongside the United States and Vermont flags after the ceremony on Friday and will serve as a symbol of Twinfield Union School’s commitment to racial justice. 

The school is located at 106 Nasmith Brook Road, Plainfield.