Everyday is Saturday

To the editor:

One of the things that used to make Vermont a great place to live in was its “make do or do without” attitude. In other words, when “the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Now, under the Progressive banner of ex-Lieutenant Governor Dave Zuckerman, the now politically defeated Tim Ashe, and good riddance Bernie Sanders, it has become “Gimme, Gimme, Gimme.”

It used to be the difference between a Republican and Democrat in Vermont was when they milked their cows in the morning. The Progressives’ only knowledge of milking is how to milk the hard working taxpayer with more government and more government supported bloated non-profits.

Politely, on the farm when the bull gets with the cow it’s called the bull is serving the cow. So when ex-Lieutentant Governor Zuckerman and his Progressives talk about serving the people, “hike” your britches up a little higher and get a hold of your wallet.

Charley Burbank