Sardina Runs for Select Board

To the editor:

My name is Mike Sardina and I have submitted my candidacy for a Greensboro Selectboard Member for a 2-year team. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to those of you who do not know me (yet), and, with as much brevity as possible, provide a bit of background.

I grew-up in upstate New York and attended Ohio State University, graduating with honors and a BS in clinical psychology. I then attended law school at Santa Clara, Calif., where I was editor-in-chief of the Law Review and graduated in the top of my class. Following law school, I passed the California Bar Exam and practiced law for three years as an intellectual property litigator at a large multinational law firm in San Francisco.

Finding the faceless corporate legal world unfulfilling, I choose to follow a passion of mine, transitioning into the brewing industry, taking an administrative position at Societe Brewing Company in San Diego (where my parents lived and still do). During my time there, I served as president of the San Diego Brewers Guild, working intimately with an elected board of industry members.

After meeting Shaun Hill, I moved to the Northeast Kingdom in 2016 to take a position at Hill Farmstead, where I am currently the retail operations team leader. I currently live just down the road from the brewery in Greensboro Bend.

I am hoping to get further involved with this community that I have been welcomed into and truly love, and use some of my background, youth (relatively speaking, I am 34!), and experience and perspectives to help further its interests.

Thanks once more for your time and consideration. If you have any questions, at all, please do not hesitate to reach out at 415-596-2490.Mike Sardina