Select Board is a Ton of Work

To the editor:

Being on the Craftsbury Select Board is a ton of work. There are all the usual meetings overseeing town operations and preparing and implementing the budget. Select board members also have to be available to all and responsive to an array of public concerns. 

I have known Susie Houston for decades. She taught my eldest son in the late ’80s when Saplings was East Hill Preschool. I watched her kids grow up here and was happy to see her elected to the select board and bring a female perspective to town affairs. I am truly perplexed as to why anyone would want to see her go.

First of all, Susie cares deeply about our town, but that’s not enough. She has and continues to invest time and effort in numerous initiatives.  

After the 2015 community visit, when we had the chance to deliberate who we are as a town and what we want to be in the future, Susie got to work. She encouraged the broadband, Saplings, energy, and road safety committees, was directly involved in some of these efforts and helped make sure the board was supportive of all.

This past year I watched her play an important role in launching the Craftsbury Neighbor to Neighbor Task Force, which you can read all about in the town report. Lots of folks have been involved, but it would not have happened without Susie lighting the spark. She has played an active role ever since.  

For example, when cloth masks were donated last summer, she packaged and distributed them around town. If you want to be a Neighbor to Neighbor volunteer or are in need of help accessing services during the pandemic and you call the Neighbor to Neighbor phone number, Susie is the one who answers. 

She is a board liaison to the planning and conservation commissions and has spent hours making the wood lot more accessible. I have worked closely with Susie on four different town grants. She is always supportive and positive.

Our current select board has guided the community through a lot this past year. They have worked as a team. Let’s continue to support their efforts and re-elect Susie Houston.

Gina Campoli
Craftsbury Common