Wireless Proven Dangerous to Health

To the editor:

Contrary to the information in the last issue of the Hardwick Gazette, wireless has been proven dangerous to human health. There is a report made by a N.H. State Commission of scientists, legislators, state agencies and representatives from telecommunications industry that clearly recommends that wireless expansion be reversed on the basis of public health.

The Hardwick Gazette’s staff, however, have the same view as the telecommunications industry. They say there is nothing proving that WiFi is deleterious to health. The Gazette’s last issue was devoted to promoting WiFi expansion. Doug McClure’s article was filled with misinformation in the guise of the latest science. The whole issue was biased toward WiFi.

During this pandemic time, we can all see the importance of the internet. It is vital to us all. Yet, there are other options than WiFi that are safer and faster. Fiber Optics is the chosen internet access of our own Jeudevine Library. There is a fiber optic company that serves the Northeast Kingdom with an office right here in Hardwick.

We need to find out more about it because while we are all stressed here hunkering down because of the COVID virus, more and more WiFi antennas of all strengths are popping up. The telecommunications industry is very busy! There are no laws here in Vermont yet to slow down its expansion or to protect us on the basis of harm to human health. No laws! Here is a link that will explain the N.H. report : lasttreelaws.com/11/nhreport/.

Judith Ruskin

[Editor’s note: Thank you for your letter. The Gazette does not have a view on the subject. We reported that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have stated that there is no evidence that Radio Frequency (RF) services damage health, but that more research is needed. We also reported that some parties dismiss all RF-related health risks, while others are highlighting the dangers that RF services may present.]