AT&T Proposes 10-foot Height Increase to Existing Tower

by Doug McClure
courtesy photo | AT&T is proposing a 10’ extension a tower on Hopkins Hill Road and released this “viewshed” analysis showing the visual impact of the height of the tower from Hopkins Hill road 1 mile away. The current tower is on the left, the simulation with the extension is on the right.

HARDWICK – AT&T-day filed a 60-day advance notification for a tower extension with the Vermont Public Utilities Commission (PUC) on March 15.

The company is proposing adding 10 feet onto the 130-foot tower on Hopkins Hill Road. That tower is owned by Stowe-based Cloud Alliance, which informed the PUC that they authorized submitting the permit applications. 

The proposed work includes a new generator and yet-to-be-determined antennae on the ten-foot extension. In a provided viewshed analysis, AT&T believed it has demonstrated that the tower’s additional height would have minimal visual impact.The case number is 21-1078-AN. For details, visit and search for that case number. Documents are also available from