Greensboro Resident Turns Citizen Journalist

by Brittnay Heffermehl, UVM Community News Service
courtesy photo A citizen journalist for the Hardwick Gazette, Gray is an active contributor to the Greensboro community.

GREENSBORO – Hal Gray, an active Greensboro resident has added writing for the Hardwick Gazette as another way to contribute to his community.

Gray has contributed articles and photographs to the Gazette in the past but has recently become a more regular chronicler of Greensboro events. He says that he takes pleasure in documenting town activities.

“I appreciate the function writing may contribute to the historical record of an institution, town, or individual,” Gray says. 

Gray’s recent increase in journalistic contributions is far from his only community activity. He recently volunteered at the local youth chili event held at the library a few weeks ago collects the recycling from the church in town on Saturday mornings. He delivers returnable bottles and cans to the elementary school, which uses the proceeds to fund school activities and field trips. Gray says, “the responsibility for supporting your community is key in making it a place for everyone to benefit and thrive from.”

As a member of the board of trustees at the Greensboro Free Library for the past four-and-a-half years, he looks forward to events held there, as well. Gray is also a driver for Meals-on-Wheels, and mentors at Lakeview Union High School and Hazen Union High School.

“I believe it is important to be involved in one’s community and, like raising a family, it relies on the social environment,” he says.

Gray’s family connection to Vermont stem back to 1910. His grandfather and father were both professors at the University of Wisconsin and would summer in Vermont. When Hal and his wife, B.J., moved to Greensboro in 2010, one of the deciding factors in relocating was the sense of community and support in a small town. “Our desire [was] to be part of a community in which people cared about each other and about community participation,” he said.