Owls and Their Calls on April 23

GREENSBORO/HARDWICK – The Greensboro and Jeudevine libraries will present a one-hour virtual program about owls on Friday, April 23, at 10 a.m., with the Vermont Institute for Natural Science.

This program includes live owls and an audible demonstration of the sounds of local owls. Participants will learn the defining characteristics and adaptations for life as a nocturnal predator on the wing.

For those who would like to dissect an owl pellet at home before the program, they will be available while supplies last Sign up to receive the Zoom link and/or an owl pellet with a local librarian: Diane Grenkow (Jeudevine in Hardwick) jeudevineyouthlibrarian@hardwickvt.org, or Emily Purdy (Greensboro) greensborokids@gmail.com.