The Museum of Everyday Life Seeks Submissions

GLOVER – The Museum of Everyday Life is soliciting submissions for its upcoming exhibition featuring lists and notes, which will open on Saturday, July 17, at 1 p.m. The Museum also invites community participation in the exhibit installation.

Lists and notes can be many things: sociological artifacts, poems, containers of obscure stories. They can be richly laden with personal resonances, or cold reflections of an entirely impersonal world. All kinds of lists will be considered: to-dos, grocery lists, instruction lists, inventories, packing lists, guest lists, attendance lists, lists of ingredients, waiting lists, set list, and bucket lists. Also welcome will be  love notes, endnotes, break-up notes, memos, research notes. The museum asks for random odd notes of daily life.

The museum will accept personal artifacts accompanied by individual narratives; vague, raw ideas for displays from fully realized art objects to theoretical writings and research.

Contributors should be aware that the museum is a self-service institution and does not always have staff on hand, therefore the safety and security of donated objects cannot be guaranteed.

Sometimes the volume of contributions means that the museum will be unable to display everything; the museum curatorial staff makes the final display decisions.

Contributors should include a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope or box with a contribution. To contribute to the exhibition, or for more information, contact Clare Dolan via the “contact us” form on the Museum website ( The mailing address is 3482 Dry Pond Rd., Glover, VT 05839. The deadline for submissions is June 6.

Frayed Knot: the human art of tying and untying, will remain on display throughout April, May and June. Visitors must wear masks, sanitize their hands, and practice social distancing.

Community work weekends will be held June 26-27, July 3-4 and July 10-11. COVID precautions will be observed by working outdoors, appropriately spaced, and sanitizing surfaces and shared tools. Intensive installation week will be from July 13 to 16. Those interested may use the “contact us” form on the museum website to alert the museum staff if interested.