Hey, Busch Ice Big One Drinker!

To the editor:

This past weekend, my wife Kelly suggested we do our fair share of Greening Up Vermont. So, on Saturday morning she headed north up Bayley-Hazen Road in South Walden and I headed south for a quarter mile. Then I went about a mile up Keene Road and back. Honestly, the amount of trash and empties we collected was quite modest. We each only had one small bag of trash and I had a half bag of empties from over a two-mile stretch.

We brought the trash to the Walden Town garage. On our way back home, we were disgusted by the gross amount of empties lining the southern reaches of Bayley-Hazen Road. So, we went back to work and cleaned up both sides of the road on the southern end of Bayley-Hazen road, maybe a half-mile stretch. This time we each had one bag of trash, but we collected four overflowing bags of empties.

I have to say I was quite impressed by the person who is drinking Busch Ice’s “The Big One”, a 25 oz. can. That person is a littering machine. Of those four bags of empties we filled, that can alone probably accounted for half the amount we collected. If we were putting 50 cans in a bag, I’m guessing 30 of them were that Busch can. The person or persons drinking Twisted Tea, the second most common can or bottle we found, couldn’t hold a candle to that Busch person. I was also very impressed by the very few cans of Bud Light we found. Maybe America’s most purchased beer, I congratulate the vast amount of Bud Light people who are hanging onto their returnables and recycling them properly.

As for that person who is buying the Busch Ice “Big One” and driving up Bayley-Hazen Road to dispose of them, maybe you could follow the lead of the Bud Light crowd and start hanging onto your empties. You are really degrading the Bayley-Hazen Road. We got it looking presentable again and would like to keep it that way. On a positive note, we donated your haul to the Kiwanis Club; they thank you.

Patrick Hussey
South Walden