Finn Rooney’s Dream

To the editor:

I want to offer a sincere thanks to the community of Greensboro, Kim Greaves, David Perrigo and, perhaps most importantly, the dream of Finn Rooney to have a historic bell located at Hazen Union. I am deeply moved by this generous gift and all who have worked to make this happen.

I was saddened at the pushback from some Hardwick community members who could or would not acknowledge the big picture, which is that one of Vermont’s greatest resources within our small communities is the loyalty and honor we give our high schools. I often think these young people represent what is best in us.

I did not know Finn Rooney or his family, but living on West Church Street, I will remember him each time I hear the bell ring. I often think that death by suicide is a giving up of hope and an inability to envision one more day, a better day. Let us each recognize with the ringing of the bell at Hazen Union that there is hope and there will be better days if we stand together, work together, and honor all those who have come before us and will come after us.

I will be mailing a donation to David Perrigo to go towards whatever costs associated with the moving, restoring, and maintaining the bell. I encourage others who are able to do likewise.

Mary L. Wheeler
Hazen Union Class of 1978