Getting Back to Normal: Hazen Union Hosts Coffee House

To the editor:

photo by Bailey Shepard | Talan Bryant, Alex Aubuchon, and Olie Grant singing under a tent erected for the Hazen Union coffee house on May 28.

On a sunny Friday evening Hazen Union had a senior night and a coffee house combined. The coffee house usually happens a couple of times in the year, but this year we were not able to do the coffee house because of COVID-19. This was our first time being able to do the coffee house. We had a couple of guests at the coffee house. It wasn’t a full house, but probably wouldn’t be a full house anyways because of COVID-19.

Alex Aubuchon and Olie Grant organized it, and music teachers Talan Bryant and Leah Gagnon supervised. We set up a tent outside the school so we would be able to put on a coffee house and senior night. Before the pandemic, we had coffee houses probably two to four times a year. There’s usually coffee, but this year there was tea instead of coffee.

photo by Bailey Shepard A full audience turned out for the Hazen Union coffee house senior solo night on May 28. The event was held under a tent on the school grounds.

What usually happens at these events is an open mic night. You just sign up, and then you either do stand-up comedy or singing or dancing. And there was only singing this year because I don’t think anyone wanted to do anything else. Because it was senior solo night, Talan Bryant and Leah Gagnon gave candy to the seniors that would best represent each senior. 

Having this event means that it was slowly getting back to normal times, where we can do singing and normal stuff again. I used to do acting for quite a few years and then I moved on to technical theater, which I really like doing a lot more than acting.

I work for GMR tents and I helped set this tent up. Lucas Whitaker sang “Hallelujah.” It just pumped up the energy for the coffee house. 

From a Hazen student perspective, this felt great to do again after we were not able to do a coffee house for so long.

Bailey Shepard