Sgt. Tristan Southworth Memorialized on Saturday

by Doug McClure
photo by Doug McClure | The Sgt. Tristan Southworth Memorial Day Classic ceremony was held Saturday at the ballfield behind Hardwick Elementary School. The color guard included the POW flag, carried by George Gattone; the U.S. flag, carried by Todd Manchester; the Vermont flag, carried by Slade Farmham; and (back row) Ivan Menard, Lou Fury and Gary Smith. Bringing up the rear is Hazen Union senior Ethan Shopland, who threw the ceremonial first pitch.

HARDWICK – On Saturday, Hardwick Area Little League hosted Danville/Peacham at the Sgt. Tristan Southworth Memorial Day Classic. Before the game, a ceremony was held in honor of Sgt. Southworth, who was killed in action in Afghanistan on August 22, 2010. He was an avid baseball player, a three-sport athlete, and led Hazen Union to a Division III basketball title in 2006.

Gov. Phil Scott said Friday that Sgt. Southworth was also one of 43 fallen soldiers honored on Sunday at the Coca Cola 600 NASCAR race in Charlotte, N.C., and was one of 14 members honored by Gov. Scott at last Thursday’s re-dedication of the Fallen Heroes Memorial at Camp Johnson. 

The Governor said that “We live in freedom today thanks to people like Tristan. It’s important we don’t forget how they lived just as well as how they died, and as more than just names and dates on memorials. I know those who step up to serve don’t do it for the glory or fame, they serve for their country, and they do it for us. So, this Memorial Day, let us remember all those heroes who never came home and their loved ones they left behind.”