Town Purchases 20-Ton Trailer

WALDEN – The Walden Select Board met Monday, May 24, at the firehouse. Present were Brenda Huntoon and Randolph Wilson in person and Bob Hatch by phone.

A 20-ton trailer was purchased for $4,000. The town has the 10-ton trailer up for sale. Kirk Fenoff will repair the box culvert on Cabot Road and Walden will pay for about two loads of rip rap. The Cabot grader broke down and they are going to be borrowing the Walden grader for two to three half days in June. The board accepted a roadside mowing bid that was received from Walt Neborsky for $5,950 and curb and driveway policy was discussed.

Beginning in July, there will be a 1.3% cost of living raise across the board for the town employees, as well as some other raises for town employees.

The town clerk’s office will be closed for vacation from June 28-July 4, and a website for the town is being developed and will go live soon.

The next meeting will be June 7, at 6:30 p.m. at the firehouse and via Zoom.