Celebrate David Perrigo

To the editor:

As you may know, David Perrigo is retiring from his position as principal of Hazen Union this year.  

At its meeting last Monday, the Hazen Union school board passed a resolution declaring Tuesday, June 15, as David Perrigo Appreciation Day. Here’s why.

Thanks to his leadership, Hazen Union’s students now have a wider range of opportunities to engage their natural curiosity and creativity, and they have a hand in shaping their own education as never before. These opportunities are the foundation for students to gain the basic skills needed to graduate from Hazen, which skills the digital age demands.

For years to come, this foundation will serve as the basis to extend to students wider opportunities to receive a meaningful and useful education more in line with their own interests, aspirations and talents. Put another way, despite his retirement, David’s contributions stand to benefit Hazen Union students for many, many years to come.

David’s preference to avoid praise is quite well known throughout the Hazen Union community. However, many in the community have asked Hazen school board members what they could do to show their appreciation for David’s contributions to Hazen Union in the past, present, and those which will come to fruition in the future. It is in response to these requests that the Hazen Union school board declared Tuesday, June 15, David Perrigo Appreciation Day. We hope that on that day, all those who are determined to do so will flood David with their expressions of appreciation. He may be reached at dperrigo@ossu.org.

Steve Freihofner, Chair
Hazen Union School Board