HCTV Seeks New Video Work

HARDWICK – Hardwick Community Television (HCTV) is extending a call to local video producers for new video work with a local focus (the greater Hardwick/Woodbury Area).

This could be a small or large video project, or a series of short pieces that can be initially broadcast on HCTV within three to nine months of being accepted.

HCTV will be funding multiple projects from an $11,000 Community Creators Fund (allocated from Covid Relief Funds for Vermont-access stations from the Vermont Legislature in 2020).

In addition to monetary support, HCTV will be able to offer some amount of equipment and technical support, subject to review and availability. They can only support projects that will have completed

videos for broadcast on HCTV (no partially completed projects, but a pilot or short form is fine).

The deadline for submitting a proposal is July 10. HCTV’s board of directors will be reviewing these proposals and will follow-up with individuals before August 1.

The full call for proposals is available at this link: docs.google.com/document/d/1JbZxJDiwubAJ7hEBpiHK06LSZriKnoTaJxzsQkZ8bg8/edit?usp=sharingFor more information, contact HCTV Executive Director Leif Goldberg at hardwicktv@comcast.net.