Out and About in Greensboro

story and photos by Hal Gray

GREENSBORO – Last weekend saw much activity in Greensboro. People are emerging from the pandemic and everything’s up to date and also traditional in Greensboro.

New gas pump at Willey’s Store

Willey’s Store has a new gas pump (and it takes credit cards!), but the town’s grocer, Robbie Hurst, still walks his dog, Cora, around town. For those less inclined to drive cars, there are now e-bikes to rent from Joann LaCasse’s Greensboro Garage, as Craftsbury residents Suzanne Griffiths and Lori Mathez demonstrated (see separate story). Even snail mail delivery has been upgraded, with Robin Tatro’s new SUV and its roof-top flashing lights and “U.S. Mail” sign.

Rev. Sunday-Winters had a busy weekend with construction of community garden enclosures on Saturday and conducting a Zoom “Communion and Conversation” gathering Sunday to reflect on what the congregation had learned from the pandemic about its relationship with God and how it is to re-launch in-person worship in the coming weeks.

Alex Utevsky, Rev. Sunday-Winters, and Josh Sunday-Winters constructing community garden enclosures.

Perhaps the most comforting was Colt and Scarlet Cleveland’s lemonade and muffin stand at the Greensboro Garage on Saturday morning. Greensboro Bend residents Josh and Jillian Cleveland supported Colt (entering second grade) and Scarlet (entering kindergarten) as they operated their stand to benefit Lakeview Elementary School. Great traditional community values!

Colt and Scarlet Cleveland operating their lemonade and muffin stand at the Greensboro Garage.

This weekend also saw the farming that has kept Greensboro so charming over the years, as evidenced by the hay bale in front of Perron’s red barn.

There’s still the question of how this will all end, but the village recycling center had the answer for that with its signs that the center is moving later this summer to the old “Stump Dump” on Cemetery Ridge Road on the other side of Greensboro Village.