Are There More Power Outages?

To the editor:

Is it just me, or do we seem to be having more power outages since senior management changed at the Hardwick Electric Department some years ago? I was a commissioner for HED for several years and, at the time, the department spent significant funds and effort on right-of-way clearing and maintenance. In fact, it was a major line item in each year’s budget. This emphasis on the clearing of overhanging tree limbs and other vegetation gave HED one of the best records among all state electric utilities for the least number of annual outages. I doubt if that is any longer the case. HED, like all utilities, is required to report annually on all power outages. I would be curious to know if I am correct about the number having increased in the last several years or if it just seems that way. As I think other ratepayers would be interested in this information, I would ask the HED general manager to respond to this in the Gazette.

John T. Mandeville
East Hardwick