Quilt Donated in Appreciation for Greensboro Nursing Home

by Janney Johnson
photo by Vanessa Fournier | Caroline Hitchcock (left) of Hardwick presented a 36×40-inch quilt she made to the Greensboro Nursing Home on July 14. Accepting the gift are (second from left to right) Mary Rowell and her dog Zadie Jane, Meals on Wheels volunteer; Stephanie Crawford, Dietary Assistant Manager; Bobbie Nisbet, President of the Board of Trustees; Janney Johnston, Meals on Wheels volunteer; Rod Boula, Director of Operations; Robin Talmadge, Dietary Aide. The quilt will be hung on a wall in the Nursing Home.

GREENSBORO – Caroline Hitchcock is a creative senior citizen who loves to quilt. She also has been receiving home delivered meals, even throughout the COVID pandemic.

Hitchcock wanted to express her appreciation for the 20 volunteers who deliver the food and for the Greensboro Nursing Home dietary staff who prepare the 300 meals a week for about 50 people in the surrounding communities.

So, Hitchcock made a quilt, which she donated this to Greensboro Nursing Home, where the dietary staff prepares the meals and volunteers pick up the food for distribution. The quilt will be a wall hanging to cheer the halls of the nursing home. It will also be a reminder of Hitchcock’s gratitude for the volunteers and dietary staff that make this community service possible in Greensboro, East Hardwick, Hardwick, Stannard, and South Walden.

The quilt depicts a road leading toward the horizon, a symbol of the travels taken to deliver the meals to people’s homes. On the back of the quilt, Caroline placed a message: “In appreciation for all the good you do for Vermonters.”

Home-delivered meals are made possible through a contract between The Northeast Kingdom Council on Aging and Greensboro Nursing Home, which prepares the meals and provides milk, desserts, and bread. Northeast Kingdom Council on Aging’s home delivered meal program is a member of the national Meals on Wheels organization. In recognition of this, Hitchcock has placed the Meals on Wheels logo in the upper portion of the quilt. The partnership between Northeast Kingdom Council on Aging, Greensboro Nursing Home, and community volunteers has allowed the home delivered meals program to continue for over 25 years.