Land Trust Celebrates Lotspeich Conservation Easement

by Clive Gray
photo by Fan Watkinson | Greensboro Land Trust trustees and advisers picnicked with members of the Lotspeich family, who donated a conservation easement to land near Casplian Lake. Those celebrating were: (front) Nancy Hill, (front row) Willie Smith, David Smith and Bob Fairbanks, (standing) Vicky Sutton, Jim Sutton, Alison Gardner, Clive Gray, Steve Lotspeich, Syvlia Lotspeich Greene, Tim Breen, Nat Smith, Cilla Bonney-Smith and Erika Karp.

GREENSBORO – On Sunday, one year late because of COVID-19, the Greensboro Land Trust (GLT) celebrated a conservation easement on 128 acres near Caspian Lake’s northwest corner. The easement was donated in December 2019 by the three Lotspeich siblings. On Sunday two of the siblings, Stephen and Sylvia, picnicked on a meadow along Edsall Road with a group of GLT trustees and advisers, who toasted the family. 

GLT chair Clive Gray described the easement as the land trust’s prize project, given the land’s position in the view from much of the eastern shore of Caspian Lake and the lake’s hinterland. In the opposite direction, the land features the best view of Caspian Lake from the west. The Lotspeich property consists mainly of the former Laird farm, purchased in 1967 by the Lotspeiches’ parents. It contains roughly 55 acres of managed forest and 70 acres of hay fields and meadow.

photo by Fan Watkinson Greensboro Land Trust chair Clive Gray (left) celebrates a conservation easement with Steve Lotspeich and Sylvia Lotspeich Greene, who represented the donating family.