Action-packed Golf Evening Dedicated to Magoon

by Patrick Hussey
After playing last Tuesday night at the Mountain View Country Club in Greensboro, in memory of Terry Magoon, a former league participant who was being honored in the league’s Legacy Series, the league tipped a cup and saluted his memory in a night of remembrance.

GREENSBORO – It was an action-packed evening last week at Mountain View Country Club as two championships were being pursued on a momentous night that was dedicated to the memory of Terry Magoon.

It was the second week of the league’s Legacy Series, in which they are honoring former league participants who have passed. Magoon, who died in 2017, was a golf diehard and absolutely loved the game and the league. He fit in perfectly with the league, playing more for the love of the game and its social interactions than any competitiveness.

He and Richard Brochu had a special bond on the links. They played a lot together and were always teaming up to enjoy a social round of golf. Brochu spoke highly of Magoon’s legacy, as did several other league players, after the night’s round. The league’s championship trophy is dedicated to Magoon and Robbie McKay.

On Terry Magoon night, with 38 participants on a cloudy and muggy evening, there were two prizes up for grabs. The first was the FIFA World Cup title. Four teams, representing the USA, Norway, Jamaica and Canada, had advanced to Tuesday’s finals. A series of six goals were set up on the practice green. Each foursome had to putt at them before going out to play. 

courtesy photo | The USA team, led by (left to right) Dave Burnham, Gary Brochu, Bob Blake and Mike Clark, won Tuesday’s FIFA 2021 World Cup title with 18 goals in the final round. The night was played in honor of Terry Magoon, a former league participant who passed in 2017. He is pictured on the table alongside the league trophy that is dedicated to him and Robbie McKay.

The two middle goals were wider and were placed over a cup. Any ball that ended up in the cup was worth two points. All other putts going through the goals were one point each. The top two goal scoring teams in the first round would advance to the finals.

The USA team, which included Mike Clark, Dave Burnham, Bob Blake and Gary Brochu, set the pace with 15 goals in round one. Norway, who looked to be a force with John Sperry, John Robb, Dan Hudson and Mike Nixon, went next and scored 14 goals.

The last two teams in the semifinals were Canada, led by Dan Gauthier, Ivan Menard, Rob Montgomery and Brad Ferland, and Jamaica, featuring Kip Doyon, Rowdy Doyon, Richard Brochu and Pat Hussey. Both teams would be eliminated as they each got stuck on 13 goals. Canada unfortunately had two shots that rang off the post.

So, upon their round’s completion, USA discovered they had made the finals and took advantage. They scored three times in each of their first three rounds. They only made one goal on four, but on five, they made a championship move. Clark, Burnham and Blake all hit two-pointers for six quick points. They got two more on six and ended with 18 goals.

Norway arrived back after their round and knew the USA did well, but were not told how many goals they needed to win. Norway was also hot early and after their fourth hole they sat tied with the USA with 10 goals each. But Norway couldn’t match USA’s dominance on the fifth hole and ended up losing to them, 18-13, making USA the 2021 FIFA champions.

courtesy photo | Team Norway, represented by (left to right) John Robb, Mike Nixon, John Sperry and Dan Hudson, made the FIFA 2021 finals, where they lost to the USA.

Jamaica lost in the FIFA semifinals, but they would end up winning the night’s second championship. It was a battle of handicap points last week as Rowdy Doyon and Richard Brochu came up big for the winners. The two tied for the low net round with a 28, Brochu shooting a 45 and Doyon a 44. Their group included Kip Doyon and Pat Hussey.

On each hole, it was a point for a net bogey, two points for a net par, four for a net birdie, eight for an eagle and 16 points for a double eagle. Doyon and Brochu combined for two eagles on the second hole and 16 points. Doyon got the team another eagle on six as they scored 12 points there and Brochu secured their title with an outright birdie and double eagle on one and nine. They ended in first place with 78 points after scoring 20 on the final hole.

Second place went to a hot USA team, which scored 48 points on its last three holes. Gary Brochu set in motion a surge that carried USA to second place with 75 points. He birdied the seventh hole for a net double eagle two and 16 points. USA got 20 points on seven after Blake birdied. They only had amassed 27 points going into the hole.

Then Burnham eagled eight and Brochu birdied for another 12 points and everyone on the team parred nine for two more eagles and 16 points. Gary Brochu was the night’s top points producer with 35 as Richard Brochu had 34 and Rowdy Doyon 33.

Third place went to Jim, Randy and Wyatt Bellavance, Tyson Davison, Dale Hall and Ian Drown with 66 points. Davison struck for an eagle on one and Jim Bellavance also birdied nine for a double eagle one. They scored 18 points on the final hole.

Neal Mulligan had the night’s low round with a 35 as his father, Joe, posted a 36. Closest to the pin was won on five by Dan Hudson, who was 14 feet, three inches from the pin. On eight, Andy Hunt hit his approach to 12 feet and on nine it was Richard Brochu landing four feet, three inches from the pin to win closest in two there.