Three Twinfield Elementary Grades In Quarantine

by Doug McClure

PLAINFIELD – Caledonia Central Supervisory Union Superintendent Mark Tucker said that multiple students in grades two and six, as well as the kindergarten, at Twinfield Elementary, are in quarantine due to exposure at a daycare center. Principal Mark Mooney said that all K-6 classes at Twinfield Elementary were kept at home on Monday as a precaution and to prevent confusion. Twinfield started school last Thursday.

“For parents [saying] ‘why is my kid there?’ we wanted to bring some clarity, [for this to happen] so early in the school year,” said Mooney. “So that was why K-6 was out. In theory, the only grades that need to be out are K, two, and six. [All elementary students were sent home] out of an abundance of caution, because we knew that there were some other kids that were getting tests, and the results would be coming in.”

Mooney said that the school operates in pods if the class sizes are big enough, and only one pod of the second grade is in quarantine. The entire sixth grade, as well as the kindergarten, are in quarantine. Under state guidance, those students must remain in quarantine for two weeks.

He said that as of Monday afternoon, the school knew of three positives in kindergarten, one case in one of the two second grade pods, and one in the sixth grade. Mooney said all five cases “are from the same spot” and “there’s been no transfer,” as far as the school knows, to other elementary students. 

“They were on the same bus, the same class, but there’s been no transfer, we have mitigation and procedures, but out in the community … we have no control over that.”