Burn It, Ignore It

To the editor:

Attached is the email I sent to the super, school board, and the Agency of Education. The new Hazen principal told the students on the first day of school that it is ok to burn the American flag and ignore the National Anthem. Many parents and students have confirmed.

Dear Superintendent Adam Rosenberg and members of the Hazen School Board,
Today was the first day of school for my children at Hazen Union. What should have been a great first day was a huge disappointment for my children after listening to the opening remarks of Principal Jason Di Giulio. This opening assembly should have been a time to welcome students, celebrate kindness, embrace each other’s differences, and enjoy another great year at Hazen. Sadly, this was not how the ceremony went.
Jason went off on an anti-American speech rally, telling my children and the community’s children that it is OK to kneel, ignore, and even burn the American flag. He also informed our children that they can disrespect the National Anthem. He rattled off his sexual orientation and poor treatment by the US military as his reasoning for his anti-American remarks.
At no point do my children need to know any of this. They are thirteen years old. Another person’s sexual orientation is none of their business. A person that is holding a position of authority above our children should not be forcing their political hate speech upon our children. That is an abuse of power, it is disgusting, and it is manipulating our children into having the same biased mindset.
I do not send my children to Hazen to have this way of thinking shoved down their throat. This is disturbing. I posted on Facebook, hoping my children misheard what was spoken and the outrage I’ve received from students and parents is unreal. This needs to be addressed. I am reaching out to the Agency of Education, the Hardwick Gazette, Front Porch Forum and as many public outlets as I can.
Jason Di Giulio needs to resign or be fired!

Monica Billings