HCTV Community Creators Fund Videos Now in Production

courtesy photo | The Morrill culvert in Walden will be the subject of a video proposed by Roy MacNeil that will be presented on Hardwick Community TV.

HARDWICK – In June 2021, Hardwick Community Television put out a call for proposals of new video work to be supported by the HCTV Community Creators Fund. In July, a committee of HCTV board members and staff reviewed the nine proposals submitted. Four projects were awarded support and are slated to be produced by the spring.

Each of the four videos in production will contribute to the understanding of the community’s agricultural, historical, and arts offerings. In addition to broadcasting and streaming the finished videos, HCTV plans to host a public screening event in 2022.

“Tell Me a River”, by Meredith Holch seeks to piece together a history of the Lamoille River where it cuts through the village of East Hardwick. Back in the 1800s and early 1900s, village life centered around the mills that lined the river just south of the bridge. Handmade stop-motion animated sequences created from old photos and documents will bring the story to life. Interviews with East Hardwickians who grew up along the river and still remember stories that have been passed down from generation to generation will provide the narration.

“At Home with the Maestro” is the pilot episode of a proposed series in which Rip Keller of Walden and Megan Henderson of Boston explore music and art as responses to the eternal human question, “how can we live the best life possible during the time we have on this earth?” Both Keller and Henderson have conducted, played, and sung in Vermont, as well as elsewhere in the Americas.

courtesy photo | Elizabeth Rossano has proposed at video of “A Complete Day in the Life of Center for an Agricultural Economy” to be presented on Hardwick Community TV in 2022.

“A Complete Day in the Life of Center for an Agricultural Economy” by Elizabeth Rossano presents an organization that works to build a regenerative, just, locally-based, and healthy food system that creates socially thriving and economically viable rural communities. This film will showcase Hardwick area’s diverse and dynamic local food system and illustrate its importance through the lens of CAE’s programs that range from hyper-local to statewide and even regional, but all of them are based on the interconnectedness of community, land, and local economy.

Roy MacNeil’s video will pay tribute to one of the most magnificent, yet unknown structures in the area. 150 years after it was made. The Morrill culvert is a grand structure of epic proportions, improbably tucked away in the woods of Walden.