Getting Together to Win for Low Team Putts

by Patrick Hussey
courtesy photo | Ivan Menard had a night of nights last Tuesday night at Mountain View Country Club, shooting his low score of the year with a 44. That made him the low net champion with a round of 26. He was also the night’s top points producer, scoring 10 points and going plus eight.

GREENSBORO – When John Sperry and Dan Mencucci got ready to tee off last Tuesday at Mountain View Country Club, they had no teammates.

Not long after they headed out, Joe Mulligan and Dan Miko faced the same dilemma. But they heard Sperry and Mencucci were out ahead of them, so they raced out in hopes of joining them somewhere on the course. Mulligan and Miko finally caught them on the fifth hole and the four of them got together and went on to win the weekly championship in another game of low team putts.

The team completing the nine holes with the fewest number of putts was crowned champion again last week. This foursome was dynamite on the greens as Mulligan, Miko and Mencucci each needed just 13 putts as Sperry was close behind with 15. They totaled 54 putts to take first place as 37 golfers came out on a sunny evening.

Mulligan had himself a night, shooting a two-over 37, which tied Mike Clark for the night’s low round. Miko wasn’t far behind with his 39.

Clark ended up having a record-breaking night. He tied for the low round with his 37, but he also set a new Tuesday night record by needing just 10 putts. Through the first three holes, Clark had just one putt. That came on the first hole, and he followed that up by putting in from off the green on two and then had a long chip-in on three to record two consecutive zero putts.

Clark two-putted holes five, six and nine, but everything else was a one-putt for him. He teamed up with Karl Ferland, Dave Campbell and Dennis Pudvah to take second place with 58 putts. Campbell had a great night, nearly breaking into the 40s with his round of 50 and needed only 13 putts. Pudvah ended with 16 and Ferland 19.

Alone in third place with 60 putts was the foursome of Dan Gauthier, Brad Ferland, Dave Burnham and Gary Brochu. Gauthier had another strong evening, shooting a 42 with just 13 putts. Brochu and Ferland both ended with 15 putts and Burnham had 17.

Two teams tied for fourth with 62 putts each. The first group had Kip Doyon, Rowdy Doyon, Kevin Hussey and Pat Hussey. Both Doyons and Pat Hussey had 15 putts and Kevin Hussey 17. Tying them was the foursome of John Stone, Carl Edwards, Matt Kiley and Andy Hunt. 

Hunt had an impressive outing, shooting a 38 and needing just 12 putts. Edwards ended with 16 as Kiley and Stone both had 17. Ian Drown also had a strong night on the greens, using just 13 putts.

Gauthier ended up winning closest to the pin on three for the second consecutive week, leaving his drive 15 feet, one inch from the pin. Miko set up a birdie on five by putting his drive just three feet, six inches from the pin.

Mulligan had closest in two shots on eight, putting his approach seven feet, four inches from the pin. Then on nine, it was Kevin Hussey leaving his 14 feet, nine inches from the pin to win closest there.

The league announced they will hold their end of the year tournament on Sunday, Oct. 3.