Northern Counties Health Care Resolution Honoring Dr. Mark Lichtenstein and His Family

photo by Vanessa Fournier
Nancy Reynolds (left), chair of the Northern Counties Health Care (NCHC) Board reads a resolution honoring Dr. Mark Lichtenstein and his family. David Reynolds (second from left) founder of NCHC, executive director hired Dr. Lichtenstein 35 years ago; Brendan Buckley M.D. (second from right), a retired physician who worked with Lichtenstein for 30 years; and Diane Dernavich (right), practice manager for the Hardwick Area Health Center for the past 39 years, all shared memories of the doctor at the dedication ceremony for the Mark Lichtenstein Memorial Bench.

The Board of Directors recognizes that our clinical leaders are the strength of the organization, living the values of Northern Counties Health Care, Inc. and serving as a powerful example to the subsequent generations of clinical leaders day by day and year by year.

Furthermore, the Board of Directors recognizes that Dr. Mark Lichtenstein was one of the pivotal leaders in the development of the Greensboro Health Center that merged with the Hardwick Area Health Center.

Additionally, Dr. Lichtenstein was recognized by his colleagues as the epitome of a health care provider, caring for his community with great spirit, determination, and wisdom.

Therefore, the Board of Directors salutes Dr. Lichtenstein’s 35 years of service to our communities and is overwhelmed with gratitude that his family would honor his contributions to the world through a charitable giving campaign.

Be it resolved, that the Board of Directors of Northern Counties Health Care, Inc. and all its staff, sends its sincere thanks and gratitude to the family of our friend and colleague Dr. Mark Lichtenstein.

Be it further resolved, that the organization shall place this extraordinary gift, more than $20,000 thus far, to work in service of our organization’s continuous mission to provide high-quality, accessible, and patient-centered health care.

The undersigned hereby certifies that she is the duly elected and qualified President of the Board of Directors of Northern Counties Health Care, Inc., and that the foregoing is a true record of a resolution duly adopted at a meeting of the Board of Directors on March 24, 2021, and that this meeting was held in accordance with state law and the By-Laws of Northern Counties Health Care, Inc.

September 13, 2021

Nancy Reynolds

President, Board of Directors

Northern Counties Health Care, Inc.