Bakers Needed for Pies for People

HARDWICK – The Hardwick Area Food Pantry and Center for an Agricultural Economy are once again joining forces to coordinate a Pies for People project for the Thanksgiving holiday. With COVID- 19 still a factor, coordinators have asked for pies baked in home kitchens by volunteers instead of getting lots of people together in one room.

Anyone interested in baking a pie (or five) for this effort may contact CAE Community Programs Manager Bethany Dunbar at, or call the pantry at (802) 472-5940 and leave a message. Pies should be pumpkin (or squash) or fruit pies delivered fresh baked to the pantry in Hardwick on October 28 or November 4 between noon and 2 p.m. Ingredients must be listed. Volunteers will be provided with details once they sign up. Deadline to sign up is October 20.