Final Design Completed to Treat Stormwater Runoff

EAST CALAIS – The Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission (CVRPC) has completed the final engineering design phase for two projects that will treat stormwater runoff in the Village of East Calais. One project is located at the East Calais Post Office and the other project will treat stormwater coming down Moscow Woods Road and restore an eroding gully that has developed along the nearby Kingsbury Branch.

These projects started with a Stormwater Master Planning (SWMP) process which identified and prioritized the projects as two of the top five projects within the plan to help reduce sediment and phosphorus pollutant loadings within the Kingsbury Branch watershed and, ultimately, Lake Champlain. The SWMP and subsequent final design was funded by the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation’s (DEC) Clean Water fund. CVRPC received funding for the final design through the Clean Water Design Implementation Block Grant program managed by the Mount Ascutney Regional Commission (MARC).

The final design was completed in September 2021 by SLR International (formerly Milone and MacBroom) and to address stormwater runoff from roads and adjacent hills that led to the problem of downslope erosion and gully development that gets worse each year and has caused dangers to using a local trail. The Town of Calais and local landowners have committed to restoring the gully to arrest its continued migration and to reduce sediment loading into the Kingsbury Branch. In addition, treating stormwater is essential to reduce the volume of water entering the gully area, which will occur at the post office site and along Moscow Woods Road.