Cannabis Products Dangerous for Children

To the editor:

Each of us has a responsibility in keeping children and youth in our homes safe. We cover outlets, we put gates across stairs and around stoves, we keep harmful cleaning supplies up high, we actively work to keep our young kids safe. As cannabis products become more common place in some homes, we need to take the same care with these products.

Cannabis products can come in traditional plant form (averages around 20% THC, the main psychoactive compound in cannabis that produces the high), but it can also be in a concentrated form (up to 100% THC). The cannabis plant has been genetically modified over the years to increase its THC potency; this is no longer the 2-3% THC plant that many in our community remember from their younger years.

THC is being added to many items that are appealing to children and teens, including cookies, candies, drinks and vaping pods. New England Poison Control shares a concerning sharp increase in THC-related poisonings in Vermont in children 0-5. Often these products are highly concentrated, with one serving being one or two gummies or a piece of a cookie. This potential for consuming high concentrations of THC puts children and youth at risk.

If you have adult use cannabis products in your home, please keep them secured and locked up so toddlers, children and teens cannot access them. We also recommend that you also do this with alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines. This small step can help make our homes safer for our kids! Visit to learn more.

Jessica Bickford
Healthy Lamoille Valley