Displeasure Over Co-op Article

To the editor:

I would like to express my displeasure over the article that Doug McClure wrote last week about the debate around the possible Buffalo Mountain Co-op purchase of the Hardwick Village Market. The article was unprofessional, and I’m surprised it made it through editorial review (is there any?).  It amplified (for the second time) some of the most extreme voices in this debate, while not looking for any real information on the topic and read more like a gossip column than real journalism. I’m very disappointed and hope that the Hardwick Gazette ups its game and improves the quality of its journalism.  Let’s not move toward the lowest common denominator, which this article was an expression of, and instead meet the highest. 

Heather Davis

[Editor’s Note: Thank you for taking the time to submit a letter to the Gazette. Every article is reviewed by the editor. That process is not perfect but, in this case, it was thorough. I reviewed the article before publication and watched the video of the meeting in question. The Gazette tries to provide balance in its coverage. Sometimes, this leads us to run an article that contains quotes that some readers find objectionable.]