Downtown Commission Receives Grant for New Banners

HARDWICK – Hardwick’s Downtown Commission received a grant from the Vermont Community Foundation to create 30 (two sets) new downtown pole banners to enhance the downtown streetscape, according to Shari Cornish, chair or the Hardwick Downtown Commission.

The town received the $3,575 grant from the Vermont Community Foundation’s Northeast Kingdom Fund. The grant will help further the Hardwick Downtown Commission’s mission of supporting civic, cultural, and economic activities with downtown revitalization by actively and visibly welcoming all locals and visitors to the downtown.

The Hardwick Downtown Commission states that “the visual impact of the fresh new banners will give our community an enhanced pride of place. Visitors to our town will see that they have more opportunities to discover the many cultural and historic assets Hardwick has to offer to them.”

“Completing this project will improve the streetscape in our historic downtown. As a newly formed town commission we endeavor to have an exciting and positive visual impact. Our vision for the first set of banner designs will include a fresh updated Hardwick town ‘logo.’ The second set of banners with different designs will highlight local traditions and seasonal events (i.e. Farmers’ Market, Spring Festival) and our cultural and historic assets. Both designs will incorporate our town logo to welcome locals and visitors to our town,” according to Cornish and the commission.

Graphic designer Abrah Griggs is developing the two design layouts for printing. The first set will be all the same design. The second set of banner designs will have a consistent design with an area that will be filled with images corresponding to specific events or cultural or historic assets. Information about the Hardwick Downtown Commission’s meetings and activities can be found at