Students, Staff Tour Barr Hill Natural Area

by Clive Gray
courtesy photo | Hazen Union students who visited the Barr Hill Natural Area in Greensboro: (front, left to right) Sarah Keener, Hazen Union librarian; Devin Whipple, sophomore; Mya Adams, freshman; (back row) Clive Gray; Nancy Hill; Lisa Velten, sophomore; Cassandra Royer, sophomore; Tobias Benson, sophomore; Marta Mas Garrigo, junior; Emily Willems, Global Citizenship teacher.

GREENSBORO – On October 12, six students and four staff from Hazen Union High School visited The Nature Conservancy’s (TNC) Barr Hill Natural Area on a field trip organized by Charlene Ramsey.

Barr Hill Stewardship Committee chair Clive Gray spoke to the group about the history of the area, which his parents bought in 1938 and deeded to TNC in 1971. Gray noted that Barr Hill was a farm in the mid-19th century and took its name from a Scottish family that moved to Greensboro in the 1850s. Since that time, the area has been a favorite site for hiking and picnicking by Greensboro residents and visitors.

The Hazen group then drove up to the Barr Hill Nature Trail, walked the nearly one-mile trail around the summit, and enjoyed extensive views of the Green Mountains and other panoramas.