The Lesser Folk of Hardwick

To the editor:

I have now seen this extremely offensive term (a measurement usually applied in science and math) now being used to describe some residents of Hardwick. Even the Gazette chose to publish a quote about the “lesser folk.”

Why have you lesser folk not spoken up to defend yourselves? Perhaps you don’t know who you are! I certainly don’t, but the person who spoke these words at a Co-op meeting and who wrote them in Front Porch Forum seems to think that some part of the Hardwick population knows. Did this person mean to imply that some lives are less valuable because they shop at Walmart? Or because they eat junk food? Or because they consume food and don’t grow it? What is it exactly that causes one person’s life to have less value than another’s? So, I want to let you “greater folk” (whoever you are) know that this term and the way in which it characterizes human beings is not only offensive but does not represent the point of view of most residents of Hardwick. And, yes, we do know who we are; we are friendly, neighborly, generous, and kind. We are all (equally) Hardwickians. 

Cheryl Michaels
East Hardwick