Greensboro Land Trust Monitors Conservation Easements

by Clive Gray
photo by John Cannon | Greensboro Land Trust monitoring director Lise Armstrong in the St. Louis conserved enclave off Horse Pond Road.

GREENSBORO – The Greensboro Land Trust (GLT) has conserved twenty properties in Greensboro, ranging in size from 0.37 acre on Caspian Lake’s northwest shore to 450 acres in the center of town. The GLT raised funds to purchase five of the easements, but all the others have been donated by the original landowners. Including over 20 properties conserved by the Vermont Land Trust, two Nature Conservancy preserves (Barr Hill and Long Pond), and two easements largely financed by the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board (Green Mountain Monastery and Wilson Farm), 23 percent of Greensboro’s area is conserved in perpetuity.

According to the easement agreements, which are registered in the town land records, the conserving agency monitors each easement once a year to ensure the agreed restrictions are observed. The Land Trust Alliance Accreditation Commission requires this be done in order for land trusts to retain their accredited status. 

GLT trustee Lise Armstrong manages this process for the Greensboro Land Trust. Every fall, she assembles teams of GLT trustees and advisers who visit the conserved properties. This year the process was completed in mid-October. Armstrong and her teams report that up to now, all GLT’s landowners have strictly observed the conditions in their agreements.