NEK Connects Open to All on Nov. 12  

NORTHEAST KINGDOM – Leaders, community-builders and residents across the Kingdom are invited to a community building event on Friday, Nov. 12, for the Northeast Kingdom Collaborative’s (NEKC) NEK Connects.

Throughout the pandemic and for decades prior, the NEKC has convened community-minded folks in the NEK to celebrate the region and collaborate on solutions to its most pressing problems. This year’s NEK Connects is the latest iteration of these efforts.

Since the start of the pandemic in 2019, the NEKC has been working with partners across the NEK to identify priorities for regional growth and prosperity. NEK Connects will provide opportunities for cross-sector collaboration on housing, workforce development, equity and inclusion, access to broadband, and more.

The NEKC recognizes that diverse leadership and region-wide coordination are the keys to affecting positive change across all sectors in our sparse region. NEK Connects is the only region-wide event where NEKers across sectors can come together to make new connections, share learning, and workshop solutions.

“This is an event for employers as much as employees, and for visionaries as much as listeners,” said NEKC Director Jen Carlo.

This year’s virtual event kicks off at 9 a.m., on Friday, Nov. 12. Three learning and collaboration sessions will be interspersed throughout the day, with each session offering a few different workshops for participants to choose. Workshops will feature expert speakers and facilitators and panel Q&As, plus time for open-forum discussion.

With space for networking, engagement, learning and plenty of screen breaks, NEK Connects promises participants a space of growth, learning, and progress.Register at