Resident Concerned about Bridge Removal

WALDEN – Town resident Robert Arnell expressed concern about the removal of the bridge underpass on the Bayley-Hazen Road at the November 8 meeting of the Walden Select Board. The underpass was removed by the Vermont Agency of Transportation during the week, and Arnell felt that a conversation should have taken place with the people of Walden on whether the bridge should be taken down. He asked the board to contact pertinent officials within the state to put a hold on the project.

Northeast Kingdom Broadband Executive Committee member Nick Anzalone gave an update on broadband and encouraged people to go to for more information. 

The road crew finished with the excavator on Thursday. They put in beaver baffles on Corner and Watson and Greaves roads. Both are Class 4 roads where the town is responsible for maintaining culverts.

The cyber security discussion was tabled until the next meeting and Randolph Wilson will be seek estimates for the expansion of the town clerk’s office.

It was announced that there are 911 applications at the town clerk’s office to purchase 911 signs to mark a local address and the Municipal Road Grants-in-Aid Grant application was signed.

Present at the meeting were select board members Brenda Huntoon and Randolph Wilson and public members Roger Fox, Sarah Lyons, Robert Arnell, Butch Greaves and Tara Reese. Caro Thompson and Nick Anzalone attended by Zoom.

The next meeting will be November 22, at 6:30 pm at the firehouse and via Zoom.