What a Difference!

To the editor:

Just visited family in Hardwick and had a COVID test at the Hardwick Fire Station. On my return to my home in Seattle, I went for another COVID test. The differences in the procedures were quite striking.

In Hardwick, one woman, working off a folding table in the Fire Station did EVERYTHING (and served about one car every five minutes).

In Seattle, it took all the infrastructure shown in the photo AND three different people to take my test (not to mention the other five staff members not serving customers).

AND the Hardwick woman gave me a Kleenex before the test, a wet wipe after the test AND held the trash can to collect them (as well as holding the test stuff), none of which the Seattle staff offered.

Congratulations Vermonters for running an efficient, friendly, easily accessible COVID test set up.

Andrew Taylor
Seattle, Wash.